December 2018

Dane has just opened a Magic Parlour in Australia. A place where people can see close-up magic A small parlour where you can learn about the art of magic.


February 2017

Dane is about to leave for a tour of the east coast of Australia and across to Alice Springs to visit the children of the Nothern Territory. With many new illusions up his sleeve he plans to leave his tophat in the bus and visit Ayers Rock, Uluru-The Earth’s third chakra.


Dane has pulled a Rabbit from an AKUBRA 

At the Silverton Hotel (outback NSW) where mimageovies inc. Madmax & Wake In fright were filmed.


D.Certificate entertaining the elderly-East coast Australia

Dane draws huge crowds with his magic in India


Dane Certificate and PC Sorcar Jnr-DelhiDane

April 24th 2016

Dane Certificate ‘creator of wonders with P.C Sorcar (the most famous Indian magician)

Yes, you guess it right. He is the son of the great P.C Sorcar, and has truely deserves to be his follower. Having bagged the prestigious Merlin Award fro magic, P.C. Junior has every reason to be in the compilation of top 6 magicians in India. Apart from India, imageP.C. Junior is having an overflowing respect abroad as well. He is considered one of the most earning personalities in the entertainment world with a global presence.




Dane Certificate at Delhi Magic Festival Published Sunday 31st January 2016

Dane Certificate is pleased to announce that he will be performing all original magic in this year’s Delhi Magic Festival! Dane flies to New Delhi this April to showcase his original magic from Australia.

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Musician’s wanted  Published Saturday 23rd January 2016

MUSICIANS:record your version of “box of smiles” to be included on the upcoming EP/album..
Email your cover of box of smiles to

Here is a link to the sheet music PDF Box_of_Smiles

box of smiles

South Australia Tour/ Grandy’s string  Published Friday 22nd January 2016

When i was 8, my grandfather put a piece of string on the table. “Can you do this string in a knot without letting go of the ends?” after several attempts he demonstrated how it is possible, and now i am on a whirlwind tour, bringing magic to country towns throughout South Australia with many puzzles and impossible entertainments-where kids can find their own treasures, memories with their grandparents.. i will hopefully catch you at the Tunarama festival this weekstage 2 stage 3 stage van