Dane Certificate

Australian magician and music composer

Live Shows

Melbourne Feature Show
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07/10/2022   The Laneway Theatre- Northcote VIC (2 shows)

08/09/2022   LongPlay– Fitzroy North, VIC (2 shows)

08/08/2022   Magic Mondays– Albury NSW (Every Monday)

06/8/2021     Sister Moon, Brother Wolf- Preston , VIC

02/7/2021     Sister Moon, Brother Wolf– Preston , VIC

04/6/2021     Sister Moon, Brother Wolf– Preston , VIC


11-7-2020      Melbourne Magic Festival (CANCELLED COVID)

10-7-2020      Melbourne Magic Festival (CANCELLED COVID)

09-7-2020      Melbourne Magic Festival (CANCELLED COVID)

08-7-2020      Melbourne Magic Festival (CANCELLED COVID)

07-7-2020      Melbourne Magic Festival (CANCELLED COVID)

06-7-2020      Melbourne Magic Festival (CANCELLED COVID)

19-6-2020      Hudson Theatre (HOLLYWOOD FRINGE), Los Angeles, CA (CANCELLED COVID)

08-3-2020      Butter Factory Theatre, Wodonga VIC 7.30pm-7.50pm

07-3-2020      Upstream Festival, Alkazar Performance tent- Wodonga, VIC 

31-2-2020      Gemco Theatre, Emerald VIC 

14-2-2020      Gummo’s- Thornbury, VIC

06-2-2020      Red Betty’s Bar- Brunswick, VIC

05-2-2020      Magic Parlour- Albury, NSW  

30-6-2019      Melbourne Magic Festival

26-5-2019      The Satellite- Silverlake, Los Angeles with Neil Hamburger &Tim Heidecker..

24-4-2019      Beijing Festival- Beijing, China

23-4-2019      Beijing Festival- Beijing, China

22-4-2019      Beijing Festival- Beijing, China

25-1-2019      Kiama Show- Kiama NSW

05-1-2019      Magic Parlour- Albury, NSW

04-1-2019      Magic Parlour- Albury, NSW

03-1-2019      Magic Parlour- Albury, NSW

02-1-2019      Magic Parlour- Albury, NSW

01-1-2019      Magic Parlour- Albury, NSW

06-12-2018    Longplay- North Fitzroy, NSW

18-8-2018       Bedgerabong Show- Bedgerabong, NSW

01-7-2018       Korea tour (Cancelled)

01-1-2018       Egypt tour (Cancelled)

28-10-2017     Long Play- North Fitzroy, VIC 

27-10-2017     Long Play- North Fitzroy, VIC 

02-9-2017       Narrandera Show- Narrandera, NSW

12-8-2017       Erldunda Roadhouse- Erldunda, NT

11-8-2017       Gapview hotel- Alice Springs, NT 

13-7-2017       Kempsey Library- Kempsey, NSW

07-7-2017       Library/museum- Albury, NSW

07-7-2017       OOSH Albury, NSW

07-7-2017       Library/museum- Albury, NSW

06-7-2017       Shepparton RSL- Shepparton, VIC 

02-6-2017       Nambucca community & arts centre- Nambucca, NSW

01-6-2017       Ulmarra Hotel- Ulmarra, NSW 

27-5-2017       Woolgoolga Diggers Club- Woolgoolga, NSW 

25-5-2017       Bowra Hotel- Bowraville, NSW 

14-5-2017       Crescent Head Country Club- Crescent Head, NSW

21-4-2017       Erldunda roadhouse- Erldunda, NT

20-4-2017       Gapview Hotel- Alice springs, NT

17-4-2017       Gapview Hotel- Alice Springs, NT 

15-4-2017       Musician’s Club- Broken Hill, NSW

14-4-2017       South Library- Broken Hill, NSW

08-4-2017       Mildura Band Hall, Mildura, VIC

07-4-2017       West End Hall- Castlemaine, VIC

04-4-2017       PAVE Festival- Emerald, VIC

01-4-2017       Macksville RSL- Macksville, NSW 

31-3-2017       Scout Hall- Byron Bay, NSW 

30-3-2017       Lismore City Hall- Lismore, NSW 

25-3-2017       Ulmarra Hotel- Ulmarra, NSW  

24-3-2017       St Margaret’s Church- Bellingen, NSW

18-3-2017       Tumbarumba Show- Tumbarumba, NSW 

11-3-2017       Neville show, Neville NSW

04-3-2017       Tumut Show- Tumut, NSW 

20-2-2017       Longplay; With Simone Turkington (USA)- Fitzroy, VIC

07-1-2017       Art Gallery, Burnie Tas

31-12-2016     Falls Festival- TAS

17-12-2016     Grand Poobah- Hobart, TAS

08-10-2016     Baker’s Hill Tavern- Bakers Hill, WA

29-9-2016       Bowra Hotel- Bowraville, NSW

28-9-2016       St Margaret’s Church- Bellingen, NSW

26-9-2016       1st Port Sea Scout Hall- Port Macquarie, NSW 

24-9-2016       Wild Things Festival- Walmer, VIC

23-9-2016       Wild Things Festival- Walmer, VIC

10-9-2016       Leinster grove community hall- Thornbury, VIC

30-8-2016       MilkBar- Broken Hill, NSW (FRINGE FEST)

24-8-2016       Ulmarra Hotel- Ulmarra, NSW

13-8-2016       Ex services club, Macksville NSW

12-9-2016       Commercial Hotel, Bundarra NSW

07-8-2016       Crescent head country club NSW

24-7-2016       Coffs Harbour Racing Club NSW

07-6-2016       Joanne’s Kitchen- Northcote, VIC

24-4-2016       Delhi Magic Conference- New Delhi, India.

23-4-2016       Delhi Magic Conference- New Delhi, India.

22-4-2016       Delhi Magic Conference- New Delhi, India.

16-1-2016       PAVE Festival Emerald Performing Arts Centre- Emerald, VIC

01-4-2016       Crazy Day Sales- Launceston Mall, TAS

27-3-2016       The Big Banana Fun Park, Coffs Harbour

26-3-2016       Stuarts Point Tavern, NSW

26-3-2016       Racing Club- Coffs Harbour, NSW

24-3-2016       Crescent Head Club, Crescent Head NSW

23-3-2016       Ulmarra Hotel, Ulmarra NSW

20-3-2016       Dorrigo RSL & Golf Club- Dorrigo, NSW

18-3-2016       Tourist Hotel, Narrabri NSW

17-3-2016       BackObourke, Bourke NSW

16-3-2016       Locomotive Hotel- Tamworth, NSW 

15-3-2016       Royal Hotel- Spring Ridge, NSW

13-3-2016       Carrabubula Pub- Carrabubula, NSW

13-3-2016       Oz-tag tournament, Tamworth NSW

12-3-2016       Commercial Hotel- Dubbo, NSW

10-3-2016       2nd Orange Scout Hall- Orange, NSW

09-3-2016       Broadway Hotel, Parkes NSW

06-3-2016       Jingellic Pub, Jingellic NSW

04-3-2016       The Falcon Hotel, Kanyapella

05-3-2016       Victoria Hotel- Rutherglen, VIC

28-2-2016       Sodens Hotel- Albury, NSW

27-2-2016       Wharfland Plaza- Port Augusta, SA

26-2-2016       Tunarama Festival- Port Lincoln 

25-2-2016       Tunarama Festival- Port Lincoln

24-2-2016       Tunarama Festival- Port Lincoln 

23-2-2016       Tunarama Festival- Port Lincoln 

19-2-2016       The Spotted Mallard- Brunswick, VIC. 

20-1-2016       Royal Port Pirie Yacht Club- Port Pirie, SA

21-1-2016       War Memorial Hall- Arno Bay, SA 

16-1-2016       Soldier’s Memorial Hall- Port Wakefield, SA 

18-1-2016       Gawler Sports Centre- Gawler, SA