“Dane Certificate is a truly one of a kind all original artist and I’m constantly amazed and inspired by his imagination and creativity. He performs magic for children and the elderly with great empathy and compassion, but if you look a little closer you might also find he reveals the hidden truths and absurdity of existence”-  Adam Harding  (Joyful noise/Dumb Numbers)


“Dane Certificate has mastered his own brand of weird and wonderful magic. His crafty use of artful and subtle timing, combined with spellbinding material choices elevates the art of magic.”- Rob Zabrecky

“FLOWER PRESS”- Magic theatre show- Hollywood Fringe 2020

Dane Certificate has created (what has been called) “abstract magic” -Tony is unaware of anything outside of his little box set in a factory; impossible things are happening in his daily routine where he seems to have been for a very long time. Mostly a non talking show with a soundtrack. Click here to read a review

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