“Dane Certificate has mastered his own brand of weird and wonderful magic. His crafty use of artful and subtle timing, combined with spellbinding material choices elevates the art of magic.”- Rob Zabrecky

Dane Certificate creates original magic and has performed for people all over the world including a recent visit to Los Angeles. “It’s like abstract magic..how did he do that?”- A voice from the crowd.

Mr. Certificate’s original silent show is fit for a small stage or Parlour setting.

Photo by Stuart Wieten at The Satellite, Silverlake California 26/05/2019- Certificate’s signature “Balloons from box” (With Neil Hamburger & Tim Heidecker)


“FLOWER PRESS”- Magic theatre show

Dane Certificate has created (what has been called) “abstract magic” -Tony is unaware of anything outside of his little box set in a factory; impossible things are happening in his daily routine where he seems to have been for a very long time. Mostly a non talking show with a soundtrack. Click here to read a review